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You don't have to take my word for it. Hear the stories from some of my AMAZING clients turned friends.

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"I wanted to do something special and unpredictable for my husband for our anniversary. I can’t lie, I was incredibly nervous to try a boudoir shoot and didn’t feel at all comfortable with my body at the time. From the moment we began planning, Lindsey was so supportive and uplifting about the entire process, and welcomed all of my ideas and preferences. On the day of my shoot, she was extremely professional, made me feel completely relaxed, and made sure that, above all, I was having fun! When I received my photos, I was shocked! Lindsey managed to capture images that made me feel beautiful and sexy, in a very tasteful way. To say my husband was shocked and elated about his gift is an understatement! I cannot recommend her services highly enough. She is amazing at what she does and a dream to work with!"

- C -

Boudoir photo in men's shirt

- Shayna -

I had the MOST FUN taking these pictures! Lindsey made me feel so comfortable and she really hyped me up so that I felt my prettiest!...Lindsey really is incredible at what she does!

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“I went into this photoshoot with low confidence and a lot of uncertainty about how comfortable I would feel while the photoshoot was taking place. I’ve always been a very shy and reserved person. So, this photoshoot was completely out of my comfort zone. I initially did this for my fiancé as a wedding gift. I knew he would be completely surprised because, again, this is not something I would typically ever do.

During the photoshoot, I found myself laughing and being completely comfortable with Lindsey. Lindsey has a great personality and definitely knows how to lighten the mood. We had a really great time together! After viewing my photos, I was absolutely blown away with how they turned out. I never saw myself in that way before. At that moment, I realized I had gained so much more than a gift for my fiancé. I realized I gained a lot of confidence that I lacked before. All I have to say is, my soon to be husband is probably going to have a heart attack when he sees what Lindsey was able to capture!”

- H -

"I met Lindsey at the Bridal Expo at Roanoke Hotel and felt instantly connected and comfortable with her. I recently celebrated my 50th birthday and booked a photo shoot as a gift to myself, as well as for my husband. Though at first I felt apprehensive about going through with it, Lindsey made me feel relaxed and beautiful throughout the entire process. Overall, my experience and album were better than I could have imagined. Thank you, Lindsey, for helping me see how beautiful and sexy I can be!"

- L -

Shoot and share finalist Lindsey & Co. Boudoir