What is boudoir?

"Can boudoir photography really change my life, Linds?"

YES! Here's what you need to know. Boudoir is for EVERY woman. Numbers, whether they be age or what's on the scale, do not define you. You do not need any type of experience or to even feel confident about where you are in your body. And, you don't have to do this as a gift for anyone else. This if for YOU! It's not just about getting some sexy images. Boudoir photography is to help you feel beautiful and empowered, just as you are right NOW! Boudoir is life giving and life changing!

Hey sister, I'm Lindsey.

Lindsey, owner of Lindsey & Co. Boudoir looking down.
Feel pampered, sexy, strong, and empowered.

Women are the most phenomenal creatures. We give birth to new life and new ideas. We are sisters and friends. Too often, we focus so much on others that we forget to take time for ourselves. I want you to take a moment for you. You and your body are amazing and deserve to be celebrated.

A division of Lindsey Parsons Photography, Lindsey & Co. Boudoir specializes in luxury boudoir photography that is classic and tasteful, yet sexy and empowering.